Can we be consciously happy ?

Conciously happy
can we be consciously happy ?

Happiness is a positive emotion, and studies have found that it is healthy for the heart and for the mind. It is said that if you are happy, you can get the desires of your heart. Conscious happiness means we are aware that we made an effort to be happy. In fact, if you are conscious of your acts, it means you used your energy to do it; and energy means good result.

Prem Rawat, the peace ambassador, said, among his other messages of peace: “What we're looking for is happiness”, which means that every we work hard in order to find happiness. In this topic, we will decide whether it is possible to be consciously happy.

Can we be consciously happy?

Conscious happiness comes with “inner peace”

It is possible for each individual to be consciously happy if they have a tranquil mind and heart. Inner peace and positive thinking bring about conscious happiness. For some individuals, such a positive state of mind can be attained through regular meditation and through a specific form of yoga.

Yet, for some others, they can attain conscious happiness because of their relationship with the Supreme Being. In brief, as long as you are at peace with your Self, you will be consciously happy.

Conscious happiness occurs if you can control your thoughts

Here, you cannot be intentionally blissful unless you can consciously control your thoughts. This can only happen when you are able to chase away any negative thoughts from your mind.

Therefore, whenever you tend to feel negative, you meditate on positive, happy words, and keep repeating until you feel completely blissful. If any negative emotion still persists, it is essential to keep meditating. This means, your mind is able to control your emotion through meditation and yoga.

You can be consciously happy if you connect with God

Another way to control your thoughts is through the help of a Supreme Being whom you believe in. By asking for his help through prayer, it is possible to attain conscious happiness.

Then, you need to meditate on some words from the holy book, and transform any negative thoughts into positive ones. Thus, you can be consciously happy once God removes any negative thoughts and emotions from your mind and heart.

You can be consciously happy if you count your blessings

If you take a few minutes every day to count your blessings, you will be able to forget all the bad times in your life. Good health, healthy food, fresh water, the air, the days and nights we live in are among the countless blessings that are given to us every day, apart from what we have already had in our list.

To be consciously happy, focus on your thoughts

It is necessary to understand the reason for your negative emotions. To do this, ask yourself, meditate for a while, or ask God what might have caused such negativity in your mood. Do not stop until you get an answer to your question.

Soon, you will understand everything. Then, meditate again on some powerful words, or if you are a believer, pray until all negative feelings are changed into positivity. And that is another way to become consciously happy.

You can be consciously happy if you do things you like to do

Conscious happiness is something which can be nurtured. Some methods can be used to help you become consciously cheerful. Yet, it is essential that you chase away any negative emotions:

  • Eat a good, nutritious meal
  • Look at the beauty of nature, of the animals and plants
  • Read a good book which can appease tension, and brings happiness
  • Watch, a comedy, or a happy ending a movie
  • Sing songs which can boost mind tranquility and joyful heart

You can be consciously happy through your deeds

By considering the needy and deprived people, it is possible to consciously happy. Helping the others brings about a feeling of great serenity and joy. That is why Prem Rawat and his colleagues endeavor to bring peace to the world. Through his TPRF Foundation, he acts for the good of humanity. Volunteers are needed to achieve this goal in order to become consciously happy.